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Browsr - Specialist in Wordpress Websites
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Arjan De Wilde MuisArjan De Wilde Muis
14:41 01 Aug 23
The speed of our website was negative for the customer experience. Thanks to Browsr, the site now runs smoothly and quickly and we can take new steps with our range.
Jonas de munnikJonas de munnik
06:56 13 Jul 23
Top helped by the team at Browsr. Even on weekends there was e-mailing back and forth. The result may be there.
Daniël DedyDaniël Dedy
08:55 17 Jun 23
My Woocommerce webshop was extremely slow and on mobile this was a disaster in terms of speed. I was looking for a party that could speed up our webshop.During my search I came across the company Browsr on the internet and read quite a few good reviews about it from other customers. Contacted and quickly received an e-mail from Bram with the possibilities and prices. I agreed to this, but I had to pay our invoice in advance before they started. I was a bit hesitant about this in principle, because this is not normally customary. After contact Bram confirmed by email that I would get a full refund if they did not deliver the guaranteed and promised speed optimization. I agreed to this, because I had checked all the data and had everything in black and white.The gentlemen of Browsr have made no false promises and have even done more for us than promised. There was also an error in our Wordpress theme that caused issues and they also fixed that free of charge. The webshop runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices.Big advantages of Browsr are the fast contact, the continuous updates by e-mail and the price/quality ratio. We still have a number of websites and in the short term we want to launch an additional European webshop for both B2C and B2B. We will therefore keep you in mind.Daniel
karin hummelkarin hummel
14:21 22 May 23
Helped very well by Browsr with my Wordpress speed job. I'm not super technical myself but would like to know what is being done. At Browsr I felt we were on the same page and my website is now running as it should.
kylian koremankylian koreman
07:18 05 May 23
I can recommend everyone to have your own website made here. Customer friendly and listen carefully to your needs!
Julian KosterJulian Koster
09:38 13 Mar 23
Very happy with Browsr's services, we went from a slow Wordpress installation to an A-score on GTMetrix. The optimization went entirely according to schedule, if you have any questions afterwards, they will also be answered quickly.
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